The Air is Too Thick to Breathe

A thoughtful commentary by one of my sisters on her awakening to the realities of white supremacy and the heartaches and dangers experienced by people of color.

My Redheaded Life

I have to acknowledge what happened with George Floyd in Minneapolis yesterday. He was murdered outright by White police officers who had such flagrant disregard for his humanity I was both stunned and sickened. The behavior from the officers was so cruel I akined it to what public lynching must have been like many years ago. Then, later, to see the video of the abominable behavior of White Amy Cooper towards Black Christian Cooper in Central Park?! I’m disgusted by where this nation finds itself today and am full of both sadness and anger.

Horrific moments such as these are the ones that are captured on camera. How many injustices against people of color are happening every day that don’t make the news? I know the numbers are high enough that it would be difficult to even wrap my head around them. My heart is so heavy with this thought. It’s…

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