White People: Talk to Your Kids about Racism

White parents: this is the conversation we must be having RN.

A post from my sister Jenn in LA. She has 2 kids–one in high school & one in elementary. She is listening to the advice of Black people, including leaders in the field of social work within her current MSW program at USC, and she is listening to her heart.

Read this and share this with someone you love.

My Redheaded Life

If you’re a parent, this is no time to be silent with your kids. Get in front of the hard conversation about the realities of racism. We can speak to our kids in age-appropriate ways. We can be models for them. We know racial injustice exists. We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t. We must teach our children about racism. If we don’t, someone else will. It’s time for White people to step-up to the table and acknowledge injustice, acknowledge discrimination, acknowledge oppression, and to acknowledge that as White people we have benefited from the very systems that condition our society in thinking that treatment as such to people of color is not only acceptable, it’s expected.

As my spouse and I told our two daughters tonight. Racism is not only wrong. It’s unfair. Children know the difference between what is fair and what isn’t. We chose to capitalize on…

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