about t-dub (updated 10/23/17)

IMG_0016…first and foremost, i am a father–my greatest, most fortunate role in life and am now a grandfather which is a next-level kinda blessedness. our family has continued to grow to include 3 “dorters” and 2 partners.

…i’ve been married three four times (gasp), most recently July 15, 2017 to the best man i know. i am also particularly blessed to remain close to #2, who is truly as graceful as her moniker implies.

…i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters (that I know of ) and they are such incredible blessings to me.

…i worked for the same company for almost 25 years and left it in 2014 to pursue “meaningful work.”

…i have been in seminary in Berkeley, CA since August 2015 studying for a Masters of Divinity and certificates in Sexuality and Religion and Spirituality and Social Change.

…i love to express my creativity in the kitchen and feel a certain contentment when people gathered around our table scarf it up with zeal and quibble over the leftovers. that said, i have not cooked since i left for seminary in 2015.

…i enjoy my friends as much as any man has the right; a good bottle of wine shared with them; a quiet evening with the person i love; reading and writing (altho i do each far too little); social media; thrift store shopping; movies.


you’ll get to know the rest of me on these pages and posts… thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “about t-dub (updated 10/23/17)

  1. what do i normally like to write?

    i love to write sardonic little pieces about life, like dave barry (if only i were as good a writer and as genuinely funny as he is). things that are witty and ironic. if only i had kept a notebook with all the ideas for little essays, i could have a book by now. or at least a lot of stuff to read!

    despite being a veteran technical writer (one of my many hats here at work), i have found that one of the very BEST ways of expressing myself is through letters, particularly the love letter. augh! yes, i know:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.what movie?!)

    with letters, it seems that the words just bolt forward from my pen (yes, i like to write them longhand if you can imagine)…ooey and gooey and rich and unabashed. whether it’s a letter to a lover or a friend or one of my sons, it is this type of writing that comes most easily.

    so … there ya go….

    a litlte more about me!

  2. ok i’m trying to get to know HTML…. there is supposed to be a line break after “what movie” … but … alas… it didn’t work and i can’t figure out how to edit my comments! and the rest of it after that wasn’t supposed to be italics…*augh this is gonna drive me crazy.

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