about t-dub (updated 1/2/12)

…first and foremost, i am a father–my greatest, most fortunate role in life. (and at times the most frustrating). that said i am a future empty-nester and anticipate many positive and exciting changes in the months ahead.

…i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters (that I know of ) and they are such incredible blessings to me.

…i’ve worked for the same company for over 23 years.

…i’ve been married three times (gasp) and while begrudging none of them, i am particularly blessed to remain close to #2, who is truly as graceful as her moniker implies.

…i love to express my creativity in the kitchen and feel a certain contentment when the men of my house scarf it up with zeal and quibble over the leftovers.

…i enjoy my friends as much as any man has the right; a good bottle of wine shared with them; a quiet evening with the person i love; reading and writing (altho i do each far too little)

you’ll get to know the rest of me on these pages and posts… thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “about t-dub (updated 1/2/12)

  1. what do i normally like to write?

    i love to write sardonic little pieces about life, like dave barry (if only i were as good a writer and as genuinely funny as he is). things that are witty and ironic. if only i had kept a notebook with all the ideas for little essays, i could have a book by now. or at least a lot of stuff to read!

    despite being a veteran technical writer (one of my many hats here at work), i have found that one of the very BEST ways of expressing myself is through letters, particularly the love letter. augh! yes, i know:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.what movie?!)

    with letters, it seems that the words just bolt forward from my pen (yes, i like to write them longhand if you can imagine)…ooey and gooey and rich and unabashed. whether it’s a letter to a lover or a friend or one of my sons, it is this type of writing that comes most easily.

    so … there ya go….

    a litlte more about me!

  2. ok i’m trying to get to know HTML…. there is supposed to be a line break after “what movie” … but … alas… it didn’t work and i can’t figure out how to edit my comments! and the rest of it after that wasn’t supposed to be italics…*augh this is gonna drive me crazy.

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