straight guys just kill me

15 year old boys have nothing on the “grown-up” guys i’m around from time-to-time. the former act like the husband and i are just regular guys. the latter act like i’m an alien who might inadvertently bedazzle them with some type of gay voodoo.

no, not all straight guys are like this but the batch i was just around for the last few days offered me these choice tidbits over the past few days. bless their hearts. (and all that implies.)

i’ll post here from time-to-time with little anecdotes compliments of the straights i encounter. feel free to add your contributions.

(PS: yeah, i had to summarize this one on the plane too. gee i could only find ONE THING to write on. do you know what it is?  😉

it’s a really funny story, though: all these things (plus one i can’t remember) came from this group of male co-workers over the course of 4 days. HILARIOUS.)

9 thoughts on “straight guys just kill me

  1. “don’t flatter yourself.”

    that’s freakin hilarious! 🙂

    thanks for commenting. the whole thing was just humorous. these guys have known for a while I’m out. but we don’t really interact. they’re too straight to try and be friends. they were really shocked when one by one i would boldly address the stereotype–with humor to be sure. they almost didn’t know how to take it.

    it was RICH. 😉

  2. Funny! So strange how straight guys often assume gay guys must want them! Straight women don’t seem to do that much (and are sometimes disappointed when you don’t want them). Egos are funny things.

    • FEAR is a funny thing! Someone was joking recently about things gays don’t want str8s to know about us and one was the guy agreeing with the notion that “we don’t want all men” but added, “JUST THE HOT ONES.” lol ok so that’s true. toes firmly stepped on ha. but it’s true: just like str8 men ogle at women they find attractive, so gay men do with attractive men. and men are… pigs. 😉

  3. I’m loving your “straight guys just kill me” list.

    May I contribute this one, please?: “Most of us~unlike most of them~are old soul.”

  4. Ha! Right on about number 5. That one always confused me. So you find the thought of me being attracted to you, a straight male, so revolting that it makes you sick, yet you’re convinced (and secretly flattered) that you’re such a fine male specimen that I’d find you irresistible?

    However, there are some straight boys (Bradley Cooper… unrequited sigh) who really are just too good looking to be wasted on women.

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