about this blog thing



such an underappreciated word, doncha think? i mean, it should be much more highly regarded since we (who are not of the toastmasters ilk) employ it so frequently…


methinks “uhm” it is the perfect word because it’s just so darn handy.  it’s the verbal precursor of a thought that’s lodged somewhere between the cerebral cortex and the tip of one’s tongue. it’s the tiny utterance that pulls behind it a struggling thought right before it’s crystallized. “uhm” is the tiny pause that buys us just a little more time while we find the right words or try to make up our minds.…or start a darn blog. it is the utterance that breaks the ice before more difficult words come. and course “uhm” is quite useful in situations when you’ve just spoken and realized the words that spilled out cannot be reclaimed…but should be.


“uhm…” … the perfect word and not just for teenagers!


and since it’s so perfect, i think it’s the ideal word for my new blog which i, uhm, promise to keep up.


welcome to, uhm, my blog. yeah.

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