likes and dislikes

things i like

pine nuts. the way he holds me at night. reading a book while on a raft out on the river. a really good mojito. palm beach sand. a good Obama speech. kenneth cole anything. dark chocolate. a fresh new magazine no one else has looked at. texting. grapes. twitter. “august rush.” a really fat burger. sade (the singer, not the marquis). the smell of a new pair of shoes. tchotchkes. the iPhone. a love letter. taking pictures. cooking. janet. planning and hosting parties. “finding neverland.” musiq soulchild. playlists. bags. being connected. mexican food. green tea. calvin and hobbes. dancing. being right (mr. always right). deep house. pride and prejudice (the movie and the music). running. leather. thrift stores. the lord of the rings. my friends. laughter.

things i don’t like

nose hair. The Deer In The Water. ear hair. poison ivy. broccoli. being wrong (yes it happens). slammed doors. CLOWNS. bell peppers. that little end-piece on a banana. sweet relish. SALMON CROQUETTES (what the HECK were our mothers thinking). wrinkles (i don’t care if they give me character!). unmanicured toes. mornings. mean people. anonymous phone calls. people reading MY magazines before i read them. walmart. lima beans. pinto beans. navy beans. back hair. people who drive slowly in the fast lane. running. hypocrites. being called out for being a hypocrite. children not answering the phones i am paying for. dirty dishes in the sink.

(did i say NOSE HAIR?)

3 thoughts on “likes and dislikes

    • ok

      #1–that’s WILD. (and i choked down broccoli on my salad today)
      #2–this isn’t the blog post i was hinting you comment on! LOL!

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