i belong

…it never ceases to surprise me.

i have this wonderful family that i’ve never know yet it feels as lovely and warm as the other part of my family i’ve only gotten to know in the past few years…and as fabulous as the blended family i am still blessed to be a part of since ’99….

i know it’s crazy and F’d up and dysfunctional but it’s my life and it’s amazing…! truly amazing…!

just 4 days ago i was found by my sisters and brother…

and now, today, 2 of them are in my home laughing, joking, drinking mimosas, and exchanging our life stories…it’s incredible really.

and our sister in LA is here with us in spirit. and i last night I got my first text from our youngest sibling in Kentucky which is a big deal!

my little brother in NYC is so happy and supportive, as is my dearest friend Grace, bestie Debb, my loving BF who accompanied me to pick up my brother & sister…our Aunt Donna who helped facilitate this discovery and watches over that side of our family, Aunt Carol who channels the spirit of our mother even now, and even my 81-year old adopted mother who is happy that i have family who will take care of and love me.

i think the most telling feeling of what all i’m experiencing right now is that…

…i fit…

these are my people.

we resonate..

we have been thru many rough days…

but we have survived.

excelled even.


i belong.

this is us yesterday at the airport:

one of my sisters and my other brother!

3 thoughts on “i belong

  1. Thanks for posting this. My husband has been really considering finding his birth father and mother for a while now. He just decided this week that he is going to make the phone call to the adoption agency to start the process. I read him some of this entry and it got him smiling and thinking about the possibilities of finding his family.


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