38 & 37. generosity is their trademark

(#38 & #37 in a series of people who changed the course of my life)

“God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.”

Yes, John McGrail and Glenn Teitlus are both talented, winsome, and two of the finest men you’ll meet. But they are also one of those rare couples who are equally engaged in making the world a better place by giving of themselves.

They give their resources.
They share their talents.
They give their time–tons of it.
They give of what they have–including their smiles and encouragement.

And it’s all offered with that very delight the good book talks about. You’ll never hear them brag or make a fuss over it; it’s just how they are.

Driving a group of high school kids to Kentucky and back to Texas and working with them on a mission project.
Giving countless hours–and talent–to volunteer organizations to help them grow.
Filling in the gap when time has run out and 19 things need to be picked up and delivered before 5 o’clock.
Never failing to pass along an encouraging word or much needed laugh.
And countless times opening up the checkbook to support a cause or fill in a gap.

I could go on and on.

Both John and Glenn–as individuals and as “John and Glenn”–are two of the most faithful, reliable people I’ve ever worked with. With a smile and a “don’t worry about it–we got this” attitude, they model what it’s like to be generous of spirit.

In fact, I think it’s their spirit that has inspired me the most. How can I not feel compelled to give of myself when I see them doing it every day. Our church, our community, our lives are better because of them.

Celebrating the happy day of their wedding ceremony here in Dallas

Celebrating the happy day of their wedding ceremony here in Dallas

(And if you ever need to know where to find them: orchestra section, pew number 2, center aisle seats 1 and 2.)

39. pastors of my present

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