just because. (and just in case.)

it’s on my mind and i can’t shake it:

the frailty of life…
the realization that at any second—any moment—it could be taken from me or any one of us.

the feeling isn’t macabre or foreboding; but it is persistent.

perhaps it’s because my heart is so very full of love that i can’t keep it all in. among all the downs and ups and downs and downs and highs, only one thing—love—has sustained me, kept me alive, filled me with hope, granted me peace. as i look back at my life and as I look ahead—i think love will be the one thing that characterizes my existence.

(ok, that and my many hairstyles.)

more than anything, this feeling urges me to be mindful of how important—critical, really—it is to be certain that those i love know they’re loved…know they’re important to me…know that i value the place they’ve had in my life…know that I am thankful for the impressions they left on my life.

i cannot imagine being absent this physical life, having missed the chance to express these feelings. though a blog is largely impersonal, i hope each person connected to my life who reads this can infer the love i have for them.

i believe that even after the physical is gone, our spirits endure; where, I do not know. but love is the perfume of our spirits that lingers long after. like a fragrance—unique and personal, blending with the chemistry of its wearer—love triggers memories and feelings, keeping the person alive…forever. ah, yes: love never really dies. nor do those who love, who have known love, who have been loved.

i hope the love in my life will remain pleasant and potent—both in the now and as forever continues. because i  love you and am thankful for you loving me.

and i wanted you to know, just in case.

7 thoughts on “just because. (and just in case.)

  1. Yes, we were made to love and to be loved. Nothing makes me sadder than to be around people who do not love and/or who don’t want to be loved. Thank you, Todd, for your beautiful expression of love through these words. …and be very certain that YOU ARE LOVED as well!

  2. We are made to love and crave to be loved….I find that, as I age (like a fine wine…lol), I become frantic to express the “I love you’s” more and more. Like you, I want so very much to be certain that people know I love them (even if they were but a moment in my life…the love still endures). We have never met, we have never spoken…but your spirit shines out from your words and, oftentimes, your wisdom astounds me, challenges me and even forces me to come to terms with my own thoughts. I love you, too, Todd.

    • wow–what a humbling comment.
      possessing wisdom is nothing i’ve ever been accused of before (hahah).

      thank you for expressing and passing the love on…

  3. The Land of Yes

    Will the pain stop? Yes.

    Will my sufferings be redeemed? Yes.

    Will I see my beloved man? Yes.

    Will I dwell in the happiness of seeing him happy and fulfilled? Yes.

    Will police intimidation and violence cease? Yes.

    Will my heart rest at home in peace and joy? Yes.

    Will the songs ever sung through ages of life and love and worship …
    (yes) … be only dim premonitions of the music … (yes) …
    of heaven? Yes.

    Will I ever be my whole, true self again? Yes.

    Will you walk me to the end of the road? Yes, oh, yes,
    my dear friend, gladly.

    Daniel Lee Fee
    copyright 2000 by the author

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